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EBS Food Program, INC

Subject: El Buen Samaritano Food Program INC.
Location: Worcester, MA
Project: Branding, Website, Social Media Marketing & Photography

Non-Profit Branding

Everbeez Graphics recently had the privilege to create a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy for El Buen Samaritano Food Program, a non-profit organization located in Worcester, MA that provides essential food assistance to over 500 families on a weekly basis. The project included designing a visually captivating logo, with a bright green color scheme, to reflect the non-profit’s mission of providing hope and nourishment to people of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life.

The team also developed a user-friendly website that includes a donation gateway, allowing supporters to contribute easily to the program’s cause. The marketing strategy focused on enhancing the non-profit’s online presence and engagement with supporters through social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

Everbeez Graphics’ innovative approach and attention to detail has helped El Buen Samaritano Food Program to continue to serve the community, reach out to more people in need, and provide hope and assistance to those who need it most.
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