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Net of Compassion

Subject: Net of Compassion
Location: Worcester, MA
Project: Branding

Non- Profit Logo Design

Net of Compassion is a non-profit organization that helps people in need and struggling in Worcester. To create a logo and branding for the organization, we first considered the organization’s core values, which are compassion, hope, and community.

The logo we designed features a net, symbolizing the organization’s commitment to catching those in need and supporting them. The net is made up of interwoven circles, representing the community coming together to support one another. The color palette includes shades of Red, which convey a sense of passion and love.

We also developed a tagline, “Empowering communities through compassion,” which speaks to the organization’s mission of helping those in need and empowering the community to come together and make a difference.

Overall, the logo and branding for Net of Compassion aim to convey the organization’s commitment to helping those in need while also fostering a sense of community and hope. The branding will help the organization reach more needy people and encourage the community to support one another.

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