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Taqueria El Sombrero

Subject: Taqueria El Sombrero
Location: Marlborough, MA
Project: Branding, Website, Social Media Marketing, Photography

Restaurant Branding

Our goal was to create a lively and appetizing image that accurately represents the delicious food and warm atmosphere offered by the restaurant.

The Logo: The new logo features a bold and colorful design that incorporates a sombrero and a playful typography. The red, yellow, and green color scheme creates a fun and inviting look that perfectly captures the essence of Mexican cuisine.

The Website: The website was designed to showcase the restaurant’s menu, events, and location. With easy navigation and mouth-watering food photography, customers will have a seamless experience finding all the information they need about the restaurant.

Branding: In addition to the logo and website, Everbeez Graphics also created a comprehensive branding guide to ensure consistency across all of the restaurant’s marketing materials. This includes guidelines for typography, color palette, imagery, and tone of voice to create a cohesive brand image. We believe that the new visual identity will help Taqueria El Sombrero attract new customers and establish a strong online presence. Let Everbeez Graphics bring flavor to your brand. Contact us today

Subject: El Sombrero Taqueria
Location: Marlborough, MA
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